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Turnkey 10 Channel Wireless System Package with 5 Handhelds, 5 Single Ear Wireless Headsets and 5 Lavaliers with Body Packs

This is the an ideal 10 channel system for a facility or audio engineer that needs to provide the ultimate audio solution for their venue.  The entire system is housed in a 12 space rolling flight case that securely protects each component of the system. Easy to transport, this setup with 3 different transmitter options for each of the 10 channels is the perfect portable or stationary solution for wireless microphones. Also available in multiple configurations.

5 Airwave Technologies AT-4200 Dual Channel Wireless Systems

5 HSD-SLIMLINE+SE Single Ear Wireless Microphone Headsets

5 AT-4000 Series U41 Wireless Handheld Microphones

AT-LAV2 Lavalier Microphones

5 AT-4000 Series U42 Wireless Body Packs

Furman M-8Lx Power Conditioner with Lights

RF Explorer® Frequency Coordination Scanner

RF Venue® Distro4 Premium Antenna Distribution Hub

RF Venue® Diversity Fin

2 Band-Pass Filter 470-560 Mhz

2 25ft Antenna Cables

5 Wireless Microphone Clips

12 Space Flight Rack with Casters

2 Two Space Rack Drawers with Diced Foam

1 Blank Rack Panel

514-542 MHz

FCC Tested and Approved: FCC ID  2AINTAT-4200

*Microphone stand for RF Venue DFIN not included

4000 Series Manual Link  -  4000 Series Frequency Chart Link

If using up to 2 units (up to 4 channels) the system does not require an antenna combiner under normal conditions.  If using 3 to 5 units (6 to 10 channels) the use of an approved antenna combiner is highly recommended. The official Antenna distribution partner of Airwave Technologies is RF Venue.   They are without question, the leaders of antenna distribution.