Top Professional Uses for Wireless Microphones

Wireless microphones are the tool of choice across the entertainment industry, from singers to news broadcasters. Their portability also makes them ideal for corporate settings like conference speaking or training.

In this article, a look at the benefits of using wireless microphone rentals.

wireless microphone rental
 Common Professional Uses for Wireless Mics

Wireless handheld microphones offer flexibility. The absence of cables means that wireless microphones are more portable than their wired counterparts. It’s this mobility that means wireless microphones have far more uses than might come to mind at first, especially when looking at the many professional applications.

From worship leaders to interviewers, and motivational speakers to theater performers, there is a wide range of commercial uses for wireless microphones. Here are our Top 3.

On-Stage Performers

Stage performers often have to move around when they’re on stage. Wireless microphones substantially remove the trip hazard posed by the cables attached to wired microphones.

With a wireless microphone, magicians can move their arms freely, comedians can engage with their audience and even step off the stage, and theater performers can fully focus on their performance.

On-stage presentations have evolved considerable in recent years, and in no small part due to the reliability and range of premium wireless mics. No longer are presenters confined to the podium, or “minus one hand” as they exhibit and explain visual aids for those in attendance.

Conference Speakers

Excessive cabling can distract an audience. With the aid of a wireless microphone, a conference speaker can use movement to engage the audience in natural conversation and add visual interest to the stage.

For a panel of presenters, wireless microphones can be easily turned on and off to direct the audience’s focus on the main presenter and eliminate background noise.  

wireless microphone rental
 TV Presenters

TV presenters and news broadcasters benefit from the portability of wireless microphones when they’re broadcasting remotely. A lightweight wireless microphone with long-lasting battery life and a long transmission range, like Airwave Technologies AT-4220, is key to ensuring that sound is picked up throughout the whole broadcast.

In a studio setting, the lack of cables makes the backdrop appear less cluttered and more professional.

The Final Word

Wireless microphone technology has improved significantly over the past few decades. Singers, conference speakers, and even YouTube presenters, all make heavy use of wireless microphones. When the ability to move around is important, they can be the only feasible solution.