Replacement Body Pack Transmitter for the AT-4000 series

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Replacement Body Pack Transmitter for the AT-4000 series

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The Airwave U-42 Body Pack Transmitter is the perfect drop-in replacement for any Airwave AT-4000 series wireless system. Use it to replace a missing, damaged, or broken U-42, or grab one as a backup for your rig.

Choice of 514-542 MHz or 470-489 MHz Frequency Range

• LCD screen with Orange Backlight.

Frequency, Battery Life, RF, Gain, Mute and Lock status indicators.

• 3 optional audio gain adjustments.

• 3 optional transmit power adjustments.

• Infrared data synchronization.


Gain Adjustment Range: 0/3/6dB
Input Impedance: 5KΩ

Output Power: 2mW / 10mW / 30mW
Harmonic Rejection: > 50dB
Pilot Tone: 32.768KHz
Display: LCD
Power Requirements: 1.5V x 2(AA)
Battery Life: >8H/1300mAH
Dimensions: 6.5” x 2.56” x .91”

Weight: 4.59oz


4000 Series Manual Link  -  4000 Series Frequency Chart Link