Wireless Lavalier Microphone System

 Wireless Microphone System Designed for Video Cameras, Education, and Computer Audio - IEM & Mono

Superior sound, performance, and build with an aluminum body delivering strong anti-noise performance

Long working distance with 50 selectable frequencies on each of the dual channels to deliver multi transmitting / receiving distances of up to 100 Feet, IEM & Mono capabilities

MIC/LINE IN Input Dual Selection Dual-Transmitter features 2 input modes. Line In input mode for outer line audio input, Mic input mode for the microphone

Transmitter and Receiver feature easy to read LCD displays, auto ID matching, and rechargeable batteries rated for 8 Hours of use including receiver standby time of 5 hours and transmitter standby of 8 hours

System includes transmitter (ATM-T), receiver (ATM-R), camera cold-shoe mount, lavalier with windscreen, belt clip, nylon case, and 2 cables (TRS to TRS and TRRS to TRS)


Transmitter (ATM-T):

Microphone:  Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier 

Channels:  50

Type of Oscillator:  Digital PLL

Frequency:  CH-A: 538.5 - 558.1MHz / CH-B: 572.5 - 592.1MHz

Signal/Noise Ratio:  >65dB

Audio Input:  3.5mm

Reference audio input level:  -60dBv

Audio Distortion:  <0.9%

Weight:  2.4oz

Battery:  3.7V800mAh Lithium Battery

Dimensions:  2.95” x 1.57” x .63”

Receiver (ATM-R):

Channels:  50

Type of Oscillator:  Digital PLL

Audio Input:  3.5mm

Frequency:  CH-A: 538.5 - 558.1MHz / CH-B: 572.5 - 592.1MHz

Signal/Noise:  >65dB

Frequency Range:  40Hz - 80KHz

Audio Distortion  <0.9%Weight:  2.58oz

Battery:  3.7V800mAh Lithium Battery

Dimensions:  3.07” x 1.77 x .59”